Monday, June 3

This is a YAB Sticker

15 months ago today I wrote about a friend whom I call Beautiful Man. It was in my video communication on Marco Polo with him that all kinds of light bulbs started going off -which culminated in my blog post Self Perception and YAB stickers.

In those months since I wrote about him, the nickname I gave him has become much more than that; it is now an embodiment. That sounds like a corny exaggeration, but it’s actually not even accurate enough. The friend I have in Beautiful Man is one of continual example, because WHO he is –is someone I can look up to, get advice from, trust, feel top quality connection with, and most importantly: be understood.

With nothing or nobody being perfect, and all of us being so flawed, I don’t get to use words like adore, esteem, value, love, enjoy, appreciate, admire, and need…being related to one person.

I include aspects of him in what I write kind of often, because of his example of being a true friend full of grace, kindness, and beauty on a constant basis. I am spoiled by his amazing example of humanity, and without even attempt or desire, he makes other people I know look poor quality.

I know he would never want to hear that, so I admit it while being pretty sure he won’t know I said it publicly. I DO tell him as often as I can without being overwhelming (I hope) that his personality and qualities are entirely SEEN. His Beauty has gone from being external, to internal, to radiating and affecting.

I’m not sure I’ve ever known someone that I can say anything to, and without exception; be so easily understood. That's why here, I also call him "Nat".

In something I’m currently writing, I talk about some basic human needs. What I’m working on is not at all related to Beautiful Man, but I do mention a list. To steal the words from that dissertation: “
There are some basic needs you have in life. Needs ALL of us have. They include being comfortable, being happy, understanding what’s going on, feeling understood, the ability to relate to others and feel related to. Not feeling isolated or alone, and interestingly -the ability to empathize.”

Extracting my words from the subject matter I’m writing in my dissertation, and applying them directly to Beautiful Man; I can say this is why I love him so. He makes me feel comfortable, happy, understood, related to, near, and we have reciprocity in empathy. His views “get” mine, and although I have long since stopped using the term “best friend” he is the best kind of friend I could ask for.

“Nat”, YOU Are Beautiful!!

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