Thursday, January 8

Are we One, 1000, or Infinity?

So many people who are a bit hippy-fied like myself tend to speak about the “we are one” thing. You know, that core belief for many schools of theology that have us all connected and something akin to multiple cells that are part of one organ.

I am not entirely sure I understand this “we are one” idea as good as I should because of how NOT connected or part of “one” I feel.

 I once wrote a post about not understanding all people, and I think I called it “we aren’t all human”. There is much about my open-minded and diplomatic personality that still will never be able to say that I am one with someone who acts in ways that I never would. I’ve also written about being understanding when I can’t relate, but I am taking here about the aspect of many people out there living and making choices that I wouldn’t make, that I don’t want to make, and I will never understand making. There are types of people who choose to live in negativity, who want to be mean, who say ignorant and terrible things, crawling through muddy negative energy, and I just can’t bring myself to believe “we are one” when I look at me, and I look at them.

How could we all be part of “one” when the differences are countless and unending? Different lives, different countries, different experiences, different energy, different core beliefs, and once I start examining how varied all lives are, I get really annoyed that anyone anywhere thinks we could possibly all be one, or all agree on any aspect of life, happiness, religion, energy, or even what to have for dessert.

I’m going to call it a concept, this “one-ness”, this idea of sameness. It’s like saying there SHOULD be agreement ultimately.

That’s craziness. It’s completely impossible. Why do so many believe agreement is important or necessary? If there is no way you could get everyone in the world to choose the same dessert, how could you get everyone to believe the same on anything, and really, how could we all be “one” if the concept of sameness or agreement is what “one” entails?

No… I think I’m talking myself out of ever being willing to understand “we are one”, because I believe in endless shades of black, white, and gray. Humans are so insistent on everything fitting within “right” or “wrong”, black or white, and the “we are one” concept is just that… another inaccurate concept.

People will read that and totally disagree, but prove my point. There isn’t agreement when we are all shaped by our experiences, surroundings, and everything we come in contact with.

I have had the misfortune lately of hearing the ugly ignorance of “I’m right, you’re wrong”, and it is not just ignorant, it’s bad energy. People choose to fight and argue that the muddy energy they are crawling around in is the “one” and something others should be part of. More mud spews from their mouths, and they insist they should not only be listened to, but agreed with. They even get venomous and full of fury over their right-ness.

And what does this accomplish? A further separation in the belief of “one” maybe, but really, venomous right-ness is the way to create enemies and insist you get left crawling around alone in the low muddy energy that ensures zero happiness and plenty of pain.

Why do people do this?

I’ve NO IDEA! Proof I am not “one with them”.

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