Wednesday, April 30

Energy Dynamics

For most of us, when somebody talks about “energy” in relation to people we want to roll our eyes. The idea of People having energy beyond that of electrical currents that keep our heart pumping is pretty unacceptable to many.

And what often happens when you bring up “energy”, is you sound like a hippy/new-ager type that is prone to holding two fingers up, and saying Make love, not war; at every opportunity.

When I end up calling myself a hippie, it’s not because I necessarily AM a hippie, but I acknowledge I’m saying things that sound like I am. This idea of Energy Dynamics is one of those times. I have something that sounds a little worthy of eye rolls, but at the same time, if you stick with me, it’s interesting shiz.

I’m reading a book for the second time called The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield. (fiction) I remember many things standing out the first time I read it, but this go’round, I’m hearing things on Energy that didn’t stick with me before.

There are so many ideas in the book I want to just literally type here word for word, and can’t because of room, so I have to first say… What a fascinating book, you should totally read it! The fact that the book is a fiction, is neither here nor there for me because I personally can see that what is contained in the book is useful in my life, and accurate for lessons I’ve learned, and things I’ve experienced. All it does is leave me fascinated by the parts I haven’t yet found to be true.

On the aspect of “Energy”, I also have to bring in the word conscious. (Here is where I might lose many.)
Most people are unconscious, unaware of how they act, how others act, and where they are getting themselves in life by being “the way they are”. They are unconscious of the games they play, the energy they use and steal, and the lack of energy they give. So I find it important to link both the word conscious and energy, because if you are unconscious of what you are doing with energy, you are clueless to pretty much everything about energy.

In the Celestine Prophesy, there are “9 Insights”.

These are insights we humans need to learn, and can benefit in every way by knowing and living. What most of them relate to is Energy and how we can receive it from the beauty of life surrounding us, how we can give it to each other, and how people, circumstances, and emotions can strip energy from us. Again, this book is a fictional story, but there is so much in the book that rings true through personal experience, I just have to say: “Read this great book. It talks about a world where we are all able to give energy to one another, and thrive in happiness instead of always stealing energy.”

One of the reasons I’m so concentrating on energy lately is because of a personal experience. I’ve remarked to friends before how heavy and sticky negative energy is. You could deal with 100 beautiful and friendly people, and just one negative/mean person can come along and the two weigh exactly the same. Why does positive and lovely energy equate to so little in the scheme of things, but awful people are consuming! They are hard to shake, they feel hugely uncomfortable, and it takes so many positive people to undo what just one negative person does.

I can’t say I totally understand it, but in reading The Celestine Prophecy, I do feel I “get it” far better than I ever have before.

What we do with energy in relation to others we come in contact with is a dynamic that either brings us healthy energy, or steals the energy we’ve got. The book concentrates on the dynamics between people AND how energy can do so many different things to us.

You should know that there are TONS of used copies on Amazon for a penny plus 3.99 shipping. If you find the book as perspective altering as I did, you might be interested in getting “The Celestine Prophecy, An Experiental Guide”. This is the concepts from the book without the story to illustrate it.

And lastly, if you read the book, and you want to chat about it, I’d be over the moon to have a conversation with you about it… I’m easy to reach… just comment, give me contact info, and I won’t publish.

On a parting note, you can invite amazing energy to you by seeing the beauty in nature and people! Easy thing to do for the nice people of the world. Hard to do for those walking around being energy thieves.

Saturday, April 26

That wind of change say'n we’re not in Kansas anymore…

I’ve felt the wind of change quite a few times in my life. When it appears it’s like a tiny breeze that’s just cold enough to make my ears start aching uncomfortably.

No, my ears don’t actually ache when I feel the wind of change, but I feel ill-at-ease. I am aware of something unspoken, something intangible, something “arriving”, and I wait for what it might be. (It often starts a couple of months ahead of change.)

Sometimes change finds me and is for the most part out of my control. But more often, change comes when I am faced with a decision. It usually has me choosing whether I remain exactly where I am, or has me considering the unknown. Unknown being scary to most of us. So really, I’m choosing whether I want to be stagnant, or be brave.

As I’ve written before, I keep learning that things I’m afraid to do, or scared of, AREN’T what I thought they were. In fact, these big scary things keep being shown for what they are once faced… which is no big deal. Like the little man behind the green curtain. He’s not some big awful wizard. He’s just a little dude operating a megaphone.

And what do I (or any of us) get for choosing change? We get a lack of stagnation, which can mean a million different things. It can be a new job, it can be a new viewpoint, a new friend, or new peace of mind. The side benefit of this, is learning it’s ok to choose change. Even if the walk along the yellow brick road is bumpy; bumpy doesn’t have to be anything we worry about. Or if upon arrival all we find that little dude with the megaphone… he’s nothing to worry about either. All told, the journey is full of a million different little things, and the lack of stagnation is what makes life so great.

An old Indonesian proverb says: “Learning from a teacher who has stopped learning is like drinking water from a stagnant pond.”
We should be saying “eww”, because who knows what awfulness lives in that crusty/icky water. You wouldn’t want to drink it, and you shouldn’t want to learn anything from someone insisting they already know everything, or that there is no more to learn.

Also… Sometimes we are the teacher we learn from. We mustn’t stop, we mustn’t insist on no change, we mustn’t be stagnant. We need to allow ourselves to grow and change and live and learn that life gets better when we step foot on that bumpy brick road. And know -the end of the line isn’t that little dude and a megaphone.

Sunday, April 20

I know this girl...

…she’s one of those that people call: “Cool”.

The thought of telling you about her makes me feel old. Mainly because my thoughts in describing her all point to how young and care-free she is. Two things that seem to be symbiotic.

She’s a free spirit. She doesn’t believe she needs anyone to accept her, she doesn’t care if anyone doesn’t like her and she clearly owns herself.

As I’ve got to know her, I’ve learned we have interests and talents in common and this only helps me like her more. It also intimidates me, but what happens when I feel intimidated is I become more impressed.

Feeling impressed by a person is a luxury I don’t get to feel often. Oh hell… that sounds totally big-headed of me. No, I literally don’t get to be impressed by many things in life, so things that impress me, make me happy, it’s like being given a piece of candy that is rare or complicated to make. Only to be enjoyed on special occasions.

There’s another thing about her… she puts out happy. It’s just the opposite of those people who are dreary and complaining all the time, the ones you don’t want to be around. Talking with her makes you feel you can do anything, life is good.

Why is this? Because she believes she can do anything and that life IS good. As I said, this feels like a young thing because I’m old enough to believe that sometimes life erases this from us. Getting old breaks us down. When I find the ‘life is good’ in young people, I feel like saying… “Never change. Never let life kick your butt, bring you down, and please never never let life alter you in a bad way. Keep being amazing. Keep having hope, keep believing you can do anything, because it makes you fun to be around, and makes you SO COOL!"

Sunday, April 13

Lacking Good Reciprocity = Failure.

The most successful relationships are reciprocating ones. It doesn't matter if we are talking about a romantic relationship, a friendship, a familial one, or a work relationship. I have seen again and again that the lack of reciprocation lessens the quality of the interaction, and the increase in reciprocation of good things improves the relationship and makes it special.

Mutual giving and receiving is like a wheel going around: both give, both receive, and the wheel turns in a smooth motion. As a kid did you ever get on a bike with a friend; you one one side working one pedal, your friend on the other side, working the other? Together, you both make the bike move forward, and together; you ride.

This is true of love, communication, respect, admiration, trust, encouragement, and countless other feelings and emotions we have for and with other people... as each of these is given, received, given, received -by both parties, a successful relationship ensues.

I don't care if we are talking about a parent, a sibling, a friend, a co-worker, or a lover. If two people are not feeling and doing the same reciprocation over any said feeling or emotion or sometimes situation, a lack of quality ensues, and the bike stops moving forward smoothly.

One can't expect perfectly equal reciprocation in any relationship, and certainly not all relationships, so I am not writing out of having my head in the clouds and hoping for the unattainable, I write out of the recent realization of it.

If someone chooses to not be respectful, they shouldn't expect to be respected. If they are dishonest, they shouldn't expect your trust. If they are hard work, they shouldn't expect your ease.

I am looking at the people in my life, how they feel, how they interact, how they present themselves, and I am strangely only now realizing the success of these interactions, and the lack of success is directly corelated to the reciprocity of how well we ride the bike together.

Inevitably I am not on a bike ride with a huge gang of individuals. Just like me needing to learn this lesson, others too have to see it in order for things to change. Which is a slight dilemma for me, because I don't want to go around telling people how we improve our interactions. "If you would stop talking to me like I'm stupid, I  might find myself able to listen to you and believe something coming out of your mouth. In other words, respect me, and then I'm able to respect you." To be the one saying this is like NOT being respecting either. Which brings me back to the title of this post where I call it failure. It's like reaching this point of so little good reciprocity is a fail. Even feeling it's time to say this, means failure has happened. Because I am at the point of wanting to reciprocate what THEY are putting out. That lack of respect!

And now I have no choice but to point out the fail in negative reciprocity. Ya, it's still reciprocity, and I was just saying reciprocating is a good thing, but when we reach a point of poor or negative intent when we reciprocate, we are still just failing.

We are the only animal on this planet with such an amazing ability to communicate, and yet, we have an amazing ability to do it poorly too!
I have so much to figure out.

Monday, April 7

Persuasive Aggressive

It’s basic really… Passive aggressive people are persuading you not to trust them, to see they are harsh, and they will not be comfortable for you to have any kind of a relationship with.

In their continual interaction of passiveness with their heavy energy of aggressiveness, they persuade us, they educate us, they convince us… “I am not somebody you should like”.

And many of us are surprised when we finally let that go in. That persuasion is slow and passive enough that it can take a few months or years to realize you are dealing with a Passive Aggressive person. And even in the realization, most of us just let it slide, and we continue to deal with it, continue to be uncomfortable, continue to say -that’s just them.

I’m one of those lucky individuals without passive aggressive people in my family or in my life. I have had plenty of kind and friendly individuals interacting with me, not persuading me they are too uncomfortable to be around.

THIS point, is why I write. I am old enough I should know how to deal with passive aggressive people, and yet, my lack of experience with them has me finding it so very difficult to know how to respond. Their energy is draining, and has many tentacles of yuckiness. I’m also feeling far too mature for it. (even tho I just said yuckiness) Really, I don’t have patience for them.

It seems like a passive aggressive attitude is a way of saying, “I’m a hormonal teenager, you should ignore me”, but they scream this again and again so they can’t be ignored.  Which makes me want to respond with “Grow up, and fuck off.” It doesn’t make me want to say, “What’s wrong, lets talk. Are you ok?” Because at the point of realizing they are passive aggressive, the persuasion part has taken hold. I don’t have a desire to understand them like I would a normal person. I am at the point of leaving them for dead in their passive aggressive swamp they drudge through. And it’s not my responsibility to try and help them out of the swamp! Nor do I believe I can. All that will happen is their tentacles with put swampy brown stuff all over me that I then have to try and deal with. I genuinely feel that for my own health and happiness, I should just walk on… (hard for the kind people of the world)

I’d like to have some epiphany of a conclusion for dealing with those persuasive aggressive people, and the only one I can come up with is: Ignore them. Don’t let them stick their tentacles to you, don’t stop and try to help, don’t let them get you dirty. This is advice to me too, as I sit here with swamp on my clothes.

I may have finally realized, I’m never going to understand everyone, just some more than most.

Wednesday, April 2


I spend far too much time on fb. I get caught up in socializing, reading, and scrolling through the endless pretty pictures… (insert image of deer in headlights)

Because I spend so much time there, and have for a few years, I’ve noticed a pattern in some people. Injustice, and the lack of change in this world (for the better) is making people very angry.

NOT that we shouldn’t be angry about the injustice or lack of change, we totally should! BUT… what I have noticed is the people who allow it to consume them, are changing. Yes, I see them changing. They become so broken record that people stop listening to them, defeating what they think they are accomplishing in the sharing of images/messages that highlight their upset at injustice.

But the thing is, it’s not just the repetition that makes people see them differently… They start to act like everyone else is stupid. They get sarcastic, they sound pushy, they make you feel they no longer have time for friendship, because they aren’t friendly anymore. So not only to they become “broken record”, they become “ugh” too.

Now… don’t get me wrong, on one hand I’m proud of people being so “it’s not ok”, because the many injustices are NOT ok, but I am left feeling a little on the sad side… Not finding a healthy balance of being mad, and being cheerful will make you less effective. And surely everyone wants to be effective.

Add to that making people think you find everyone stupid… well, your effectiveness nearly dies completely. So well done at being angry, but also, well done at making nobody care you care.

Balance friends, there is balance in everything… even in trying to make a difference. The reason I feel I can say this, is I have some Terrifically Amazing Friends also on fb sharing a wide variety of important stuff they give a shit about, and those friends are NOT acting like everyone is stupid. Now THOSE are the change-makers of this world. I see it in others, and feel it in MY life.

Go Friends!
*Pom-poms raised and a high kick above the head*