Wednesday, April 30

Energy Dynamics

For most of us, when somebody talks about “energy” in relation to people we want to roll our eyes. The idea of People having energy beyond that of electrical currents that keep our heart pumping is pretty unacceptable to many.

And what often happens when you bring up “energy”, is you sound like a hippy/new-ager type that is prone to holding two fingers up, and saying Make love, not war; at every opportunity.

When I end up calling myself a hippie, it’s not because I necessarily AM a hippie, but I acknowledge I’m saying things that sound like I am. This idea of Energy Dynamics is one of those times. I have something that sounds a little worthy of eye rolls, but at the same time, if you stick with me, it’s interesting shiz.

I’m reading a book for the second time called The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield. (fiction) I remember many things standing out the first time I read it, but this go’round, I’m hearing things on Energy that didn’t stick with me before.

There are so many ideas in the book I want to just literally type here word for word, and can’t because of room, so I have to first say… What a fascinating book, you should totally read it! The fact that the book is a fiction, is neither here nor there for me because I personally can see that what is contained in the book is useful in my life, and accurate for lessons I’ve learned, and things I’ve experienced. All it does is leave me fascinated by the parts I haven’t yet found to be true.

On the aspect of “Energy”, I also have to bring in the word conscious. (Here is where I might lose many.)
Most people are unconscious, unaware of how they act, how others act, and where they are getting themselves in life by being “the way they are”. They are unconscious of the games they play, the energy they use and steal, and the lack of energy they give. So I find it important to link both the word conscious and energy, because if you are unconscious of what you are doing with energy, you are clueless to pretty much everything about energy.

In the Celestine Prophesy, there are “9 Insights”.

These are insights we humans need to learn, and can benefit in every way by knowing and living. What most of them relate to is Energy and how we can receive it from the beauty of life surrounding us, how we can give it to each other, and how people, circumstances, and emotions can strip energy from us. Again, this book is a fictional story, but there is so much in the book that rings true through personal experience, I just have to say: “Read this great book. It talks about a world where we are all able to give energy to one another, and thrive in happiness instead of always stealing energy.”

One of the reasons I’m so concentrating on energy lately is because of a personal experience. I’ve remarked to friends before how heavy and sticky negative energy is. You could deal with 100 beautiful and friendly people, and just one negative/mean person can come along and the two weigh exactly the same. Why does positive and lovely energy equate to so little in the scheme of things, but awful people are consuming! They are hard to shake, they feel hugely uncomfortable, and it takes so many positive people to undo what just one negative person does.

I can’t say I totally understand it, but in reading The Celestine Prophecy, I do feel I “get it” far better than I ever have before.

What we do with energy in relation to others we come in contact with is a dynamic that either brings us healthy energy, or steals the energy we’ve got. The book concentrates on the dynamics between people AND how energy can do so many different things to us.

You should know that there are TONS of used copies on Amazon for a penny plus 3.99 shipping. If you find the book as perspective altering as I did, you might be interested in getting “The Celestine Prophecy, An Experiental Guide”. This is the concepts from the book without the story to illustrate it.

And lastly, if you read the book, and you want to chat about it, I’d be over the moon to have a conversation with you about it… I’m easy to reach… just comment, give me contact info, and I won’t publish.

On a parting note, you can invite amazing energy to you by seeing the beauty in nature and people! Easy thing to do for the nice people of the world. Hard to do for those walking around being energy thieves.

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