Monday, April 7

Persuasive Aggressive

It’s basic really… Passive aggressive people are persuading you not to trust them, to see they are harsh, and they will not be comfortable for you to have any kind of a relationship with.

In their continual interaction of passiveness with their heavy energy of aggressiveness, they persuade us, they educate us, they convince us… “I am not somebody you should like”.

And many of us are surprised when we finally let that go in. That persuasion is slow and passive enough that it can take a few months or years to realize you are dealing with a Passive Aggressive person. And even in the realization, most of us just let it slide, and we continue to deal with it, continue to be uncomfortable, continue to say -that’s just them.

I’m one of those lucky individuals without passive aggressive people in my family or in my life. I have had plenty of kind and friendly individuals interacting with me, not persuading me they are too uncomfortable to be around.

THIS point, is why I write. I am old enough I should know how to deal with passive aggressive people, and yet, my lack of experience with them has me finding it so very difficult to know how to respond. Their energy is draining, and has many tentacles of yuckiness. I’m also feeling far too mature for it. (even tho I just said yuckiness) Really, I don’t have patience for them.

It seems like a passive aggressive attitude is a way of saying, “I’m a hormonal teenager, you should ignore me”, but they scream this again and again so they can’t be ignored.  Which makes me want to respond with “Grow up, and fuck off.” It doesn’t make me want to say, “What’s wrong, lets talk. Are you ok?” Because at the point of realizing they are passive aggressive, the persuasion part has taken hold. I don’t have a desire to understand them like I would a normal person. I am at the point of leaving them for dead in their passive aggressive swamp they drudge through. And it’s not my responsibility to try and help them out of the swamp! Nor do I believe I can. All that will happen is their tentacles with put swampy brown stuff all over me that I then have to try and deal with. I genuinely feel that for my own health and happiness, I should just walk on… (hard for the kind people of the world)

I’d like to have some epiphany of a conclusion for dealing with those persuasive aggressive people, and the only one I can come up with is: Ignore them. Don’t let them stick their tentacles to you, don’t stop and try to help, don’t let them get you dirty. This is advice to me too, as I sit here with swamp on my clothes.

I may have finally realized, I’m never going to understand everyone, just some more than most.

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