Sunday, April 20

I know this girl...

…she’s one of those that people call: “Cool”.

The thought of telling you about her makes me feel old. Mainly because my thoughts in describing her all point to how young and care-free she is. Two things that seem to be symbiotic.

She’s a free spirit. She doesn’t believe she needs anyone to accept her, she doesn’t care if anyone doesn’t like her and she clearly owns herself.

As I’ve got to know her, I’ve learned we have interests and talents in common and this only helps me like her more. It also intimidates me, but what happens when I feel intimidated is I become more impressed.

Feeling impressed by a person is a luxury I don’t get to feel often. Oh hell… that sounds totally big-headed of me. No, I literally don’t get to be impressed by many things in life, so things that impress me, make me happy, it’s like being given a piece of candy that is rare or complicated to make. Only to be enjoyed on special occasions.

There’s another thing about her… she puts out happy. It’s just the opposite of those people who are dreary and complaining all the time, the ones you don’t want to be around. Talking with her makes you feel you can do anything, life is good.

Why is this? Because she believes she can do anything and that life IS good. As I said, this feels like a young thing because I’m old enough to believe that sometimes life erases this from us. Getting old breaks us down. When I find the ‘life is good’ in young people, I feel like saying… “Never change. Never let life kick your butt, bring you down, and please never never let life alter you in a bad way. Keep being amazing. Keep having hope, keep believing you can do anything, because it makes you fun to be around, and makes you SO COOL!"

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