3 things

Perspective... new perspective. For me, for you, for life.
I've learned that anytime I'm struggling, I need new perspective.

Communication... wake to the realization of just how beneficial it is to talk to each other, learn from each other, and be open minded with each other.

Love... Ya, hippy-fied to use this word in the form of a blog, but at this age I've learned that life feels best when you know how to love. And we don't all know how. Sometimes it's NOT comfortable or easy. Fact is we don't even realize how many countless ways we can actually love.

(I've started wondering if no two people will ever be loved by me the same.)

I get a little sick of experts... Not cause they know so much, but because often they don't.
Not that I'm so Anti-Expert... that's not it, I just want to put it out there that EACH OF US know stuff we should share, EVEN if we aren't any kind of "expert".
We don't all resonate with everyone else... so we have to find those we DO resonate with. Yes experts are important to have, but we need to stop allowing our perception of ourselves (and life) to be so dictated by the "experts".
Some of the most beneficial things I've learned in life did NOT come from any kind of expert. They came from friends. Those super beneficial things come through communication with people you can relate/resonate with. That Communication leads to new Perspective, and often (not always) that new Perspective leads to elements of Love in your life.

Feeling understood is important and RATHER fun. It's an incredible feeling to talk to someone you "click" with. That "click" is Communication at its best. Communication at that level ONLY gives new Perspective.

If I feel like the lessons in life I've learned thus far, could help the 999 people like me out there... How do I find those people?
If I feel like those 999 have lessons that can help me... I'm pretty keen to find those people!

We don't want a hard life, we do want to learn, we do want to be happy... we have each other.
Lets get perspective, become happier, feel more love, and enjoy the communication the-whole-live-long-day.

The 'Gods' could have thrown us each out there on our own planet, to do our 'thing' alone... they didn't.
There's way too much learning we can do with/for/by one another. Lets do it.

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