Tuesday, December 8

The morphing isn't stopping

Remember when everyone had a blog? In fact, you can tell the age of a movie if they reference someone having a blog, because nobody talks about blogging anymore. We've moved on to being heard instead of being read.

We used to think of listening being related to audio books and radio shows, but the world took a turn and less people want to read. Everything is videos and podcasts. I didn't TRY to be one of those people, but that's what I did too. I stopped taking the time to share the transcript of what I was writing to record, and now only share what I record. And since it's on all major platforms, I don't even need to put much effort into wide spread sharing.

I don't want to abandon my .com and I tell myself that one day I will make a replacement website that does away with this blog...but I don't find time to make that a priority because people are busy on their favorite platform listening to podcasts and music, not even noticing websites like this anymore. And truth be told, I am too.

I'm also finally prioritizing my books. Getting them recorded, uploaded and available. It's funny how what you thought you were finished with, if abandoned for a couple or more years, no longer CAN BE considered finished. We change, we say things differently, we learn new stuff, and we have MORE to say. So that's where I am, updating and trying to finally move forward with my big projects. I'm also doing better at not letting people stop me by taking my time away from my projects, because my projects are my dreams, and dreams stay dreams when you aren't actively working towards them. Key word being WORK.

The world is morphing, I doubt it will stop, and we keep morphing with it; becoming a species totally reliant on technology. It's scary to be honest. But what can we do? Either get on the train and have a wild ride, or get off and go nowhere. Not a lot of options in between.

So for now, you won't be reading me, just listening on your favorite platform. And currently, those are:

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts








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