Friday, June 9


What if our homes absorb what we feel inside them? What if they are sponges that fill up to “squeeze out” and “give off” what we have put in them? I’m wondering this about my childhood home full of anger my father constantly put out, and fears that we put out because of him. Conversely too… thinking of my home now.

What if you can literally create a perpetual cycle/circle of health in your home because of what you constantly feel?

The main reason I’m thinking this is because I am constantly telling my home I love it. I’m forever appreciating it and I view it as the safest place in the world. I love to rearrange the furniture, to make things look pretty, and even having affection for the things in my home that belonged to my grandpa, or paintings of my grandmothers. These are all things I look at, while feeling love.

So, what do you think people would feel when they came into my home if in fact it is a sponge? What would I feel?

If I fill my house with love –it has no choice but to put out love TO ME! This would be why people say the things they do when they come into my home. It’s NOT so incredibly beautiful, it’s that every piece of furniture I’ve refinished I’ve done with love, every wall I’ve painted I painted with love, and every time I look at these things –I put out MORE love!

So if someone isn’t doing this, can they HAULT, and change what their house gives off? Change the sponge? I have to believe YES! A sponge is a sponge. Squeeze it, and you’ll see what you put in it!

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