Monday, April 22

Growing Eh?

The first time I saw some real change in my life was at the end of my twenties... I learned a few lessons, and looked back in awe at myself. I was all amazed that I suddenly figured something out, and bettered myself from it. I suppose I figured that since I could walk, was potty trained, and could talk... that I was no longer a baby.

I knew I could Learn, but I hadn't considered I could Grow!
When I reached 30, I was all amazed at how much growing I'd done in my 20's. Again, for some reason I thought I was done.

In my 30's I grew even more! Who knew? Somebody could have told me...

Now at the round shiny number of 40, I've finally realized... I'm never going to stop growing. (or learning)
In fact, I insist on it. It would be fair to say in the last two years, I had more growth than the eight before. Finally stepping back, looking at myself, at life, at the many dynamics we have with others (no two alike), I'm hoping the next 40 years bring me 100 times more 'light bulbs' than the last.

Finally being willing to grow... that was key.
Taking off those rose colored glasses, and not being so damn afraid of what I would see...
...was the best thing I could have done.

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