Wednesday, June 26

Beauty comes from the Inside.

"Oh Really?"
As a teenager I would have said “I don’t believe a word of that ridiculousness!” Even if I did hear it like a hundred times in church.
Not that church would have made me believe it… more like if I was being told this in church, it was what I SHOULD believe, so I let it go in one ear, and out the other, having my own beliefs on that one, since it wasn’t about history and what happened hundreds or thousands of years previously; like the other church stuff I SHOULD believe.

The concept of “beauty” was more a personal thing, I knew that, so I rolled my eyes and moved on… I could see that the beautiful people were the beautiful people… Basic math. Convincing me beauty was only external because of internal beauty; wasn’t going to jive.

I was a slightly sarcastic bitch as a teenager, hiding the sarcasm and attitude from most people except my sisters. I genuinely had no concept of internal beauty affecting the external. Which I suppose is the nature of teens, so I’m wasting time explaining I was a bitchy teenager. And clearly, was not beautiful.

I guess many things do have to be learned with age and experience, and this was definitely one of those for me. To this day, I find it fascinating to watch a person I’ve just met get more and more beautiful as I get to know them. Or conversely, less beautiful as they show their insides are ugly.

 I’m in a position lately of meeting quite a few people, so I am getting to see this reality of true beauty unfolding from the inside, and I'm enjoying it.

I also adhere to the quote by the immortal Audrey Hepburn “Happy girls are the prettiest.” 
Because happy and beauty just coexist!!

I would like to suggest to any man or woman out there NOT feeling so beautiful: try the “happy thing”. People respond to you better, they are comfortable around you, they like you, they find you more beautiful… and so will YOU. (for these same reasons...)


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