Tuesday, October 8

Endless Tomorrows, only 1 NOW.

Lots of discussion about worry happening in life at the moment. There are so many things to be bothered by, upset with, worry over, and fear. Many of these things are Big Shit.  It’s not like we are worrying totally unnecessarily over them. We have good reason. We are thinking ahead. We are trying to “deal”. We don’t have control.

But I've realized something… it seems these things are not going to change through my worry. I don’t have a “plan” to make them go away. It seems the majority of what I worry about I have no control over, and no power to change.

I sat with a beautiful soul at breakfast a couple days ago, and we discussed this. “What are you going to do about it?” I asked concerning a situation. “Do you have a plan?” The answer was no. So it’s not just me… we all worry about things that the worry is not going to change. We have so many thoughts for tomorrow, and what it MIGHT bring, we give our time and energy to tomorrow instead of dealing with the “I’m just fine” right now.

No, everything isn't always “just fine” in this moment, but when you step back, you can usually see that the worry over tomorrow is much bigger than the lack of needing to worry right now. The thing about this is; there are endless Tomorrows. You can think of countless things that live in the future or could happen in the future, but if you set all those tomorrows down over on the other side of the room, and you look at what is in your lap right now, I bet you could sigh in relief. Putting those tomorrows on the other side of the room does not mean you have somehow forgotten them (ha, if only) but what it does do is force you to only deal with what is in your lap right now.

Why do I want to bring endless thoughts and worries of tomorrow and put them in my lap when I can’t do anything with them if they are in my lap. I’m realizing I don’t want to do this.

I am not burying my head in the sand by consciously looking at right now and what I can control now. By doing that I am choosing to be healthy. I’m choosing to help my well being, and I’m allowing myself to be OK right now. NOT full of worry and fear, because where does that actually get me?

When those awful things of tomorrow turn into what I’m dealing with right now, well then I will deal with them. But I just can’t see benefit in feeling things right now that are ONLY living in one of those Tomorrows.

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