Thursday, August 28

Rainbow sprinkles and cherries on top

I work with people. I see every hair color, every skin color, every gender, size, shape, age, every accent, every attitude, every everything that makes us all different and unique.

This also happens to be my favorite part of my job: talking to people and exchanging this miniature space of time. The variety is awesome.

Having so little time with so many people, is like getting to eat the top part of an ice cream Sunday over and over. I get the good bit. The cherry on top. I don’t have opportunity to get full, overwhelmed, or have enough, I just get the colorful and flavorful; the yummy bit.

As I meet countless strangers from all over the world, I only become more amazed by the diversity and beauty out there, which mystifies the existence of racism and hate. Billions of people on this planet, and some seem to think diversity is a bad thing. Are there really people out there who think every human should have the same skin color? The same religion? The same clothing, the same attitude? And if it’s not that they wish us all to be the same, is it they wish for those with differences to not exist? Like bombing the shit out of them till they are all gone?  I have to wonder.

There is an old saying: Live and let live. And that saying has two parts!!! What you need to pay attention to is Live. In doing that, in worrying about yourself, you Let Live.

I think there are way too many people out there needing to be told:

Go live your life, do YOUR thing, experience YOUR dreams and desires, don’t get bogged down or care what other people are doing. Don’t pay attention to their skin or hair, their religion or their land. Live YOUR life, caring about what YOU are doing. Accept there are rainbow sprinkles, cherries, cookie crumbs, caramel sauce and every kind of topping you can imagine. And be ok with it because you are living YOUR Life, and enjoying YOUR happiness.

Simple really. So do it.

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