Tuesday, August 19

You can’t see how beautiful you are…

I asked my friend recently to have her kids draw a Mandala for me. My goal was to replicate what they drew in order to “build” the Mandala in photoshop; creating a circle from a non circle design. So my friend being clever, and knowing Mandalas are round, cut paper into pie shapes, and had her kids draw on those.
Clever right?

2 of her 4 children loved it, the other two were not impressed with the project. What I got back was two from the kids, and two from her.

In scanning and playing around, the design I used was one my friend drew, not her kids.
When I finished the Mandala, I sent it to her. She was shocked. She said she had no idea it would look like that… even tho SHE drew it.
-so beautiful.

Then I got thinking… (as I tend to do)

A number of people I know can’t seem to see they are more than a slice of Mandala. They are unable to see their complete beauty. The single slice is all they know, they drew it, they are familiar with it, but the ability to see anything more than that one slice, is just not there. Essentially they are too close for anything more.

Then I come along, I am not in a position to only see the slice. I see the whole Mandala. I’m not involved in the intricacies of their little slice, the bits they concentrate on, or have hang-ups with. I just see the big beautiful design and feel perplexed by their inability to see what I see.

I find this so often with people I really like. People who I think should see how great their wholeness is, and yet, they only see a slice.

What do I do other than enjoy their beauty, and keep trying to tell them what I see?


  1. I needed this. Don't know about beautiful, but not ugly would be good. Have been doing very good and hit a wall. Been praying and that helps. Don't know what I'm looking for. Thought I had it all together, all figured out. Now in crisis mode. Just going to hang until it comes to me. Your posts are really inspiring. Thanks for posting.

  2. Jennifer, I think we sometimes forget to have common sense about ourselves. We look at others and all we see is one whole. One person complete. We don't look at their pieces, we don't analyze, criticize, and scrutinize. We just accept they are one whole.
    But when it comes to ourselves... we refuse to do that. We see the bits and pieces, we pull everything apart into countless things and pretty much refuse to see the big picture because we are so incredibly concerned with the tiny bits that nobody else is looking at.
    NOR can they see.
    So lets get that common sense out and look at ourselves the way we look at others. Lets see the whole, the big beautiful image, and none of the little pieces that are really pointless to focus on.
    Yes, I need to take my own advice and do this... I'm getting much better at it, and reminding myself to be sensible about it helps.

    Thank you for letting me know you are reading. <3