Tuesday, July 7

No Yellow Brick Road

For some their talents, loves, and interests manifest themselves when they are children. They are immediately in life so good at something, it is clear that they will spend their life with that “skill” whatever it be. It is in large part, they path they will take.

The rest of us tend to do one of two things. Make a choice what we want our skill to be and spend thousands of dollars going to school for that skill. Or, not go to school and pursue living life hoping that “the skill” comes to us. Even then, many of us reach the middle of our lives and say “What is my purpose? What am I meant to be doing? Where is my personal yellow brick road?”

What if there is no “Doing what you are meant to do”? What if you’re just supposed to follow your heart and act on what you feel. No path already paved for you, you have to pave your own. The pavement you use is dreams, joys, interests, desires, loves, and the things that make you happy, bring satisfaction, and lead to what we call “fulfillment”. There are no yellow bricks already laid.

The thing is, the majority of people will insist there is a path you must take, EVEN if it’s decided around age 18 and followed by going to school. I say again: I’m at this point in life where my friends are realizing, they thought they were on this yellow brick road, the one that gets them where they are supposed to be… and realizing there’s nothing. The plan and the path is failing them. The degree, the professional decisions, the money, the everything. These are part of the realization that years on their particular path didn’t get them anywhere they expected, just to the question “what is my purpose”?

At a young age I learned to trust my heart. It pointed me in many directions, most of which made everyone around me think I was crazy for not just sticking to the yellow brick road, but my heart told me not to.  Sure this path has been hard at times, but hindsight is clear, and I know that the dreams, joys, interests, desires part of how we find our path, has me where I am meant to be. It has me seeing places I need to go, and I feel incredibly lucky I am not suddenly saying “Goodbye yellow brick road” because I never wanted to stick to it anyway.

Listen to your heart, follow through on your joys and loves, trust that the happiness will make sure your lack of a yellow brick road is still a perfect path for you.

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