Tuesday, May 21

My Inner-G Energy (Inner-God)

Do not read if you have a God outlined with perfect solid black lines. This post is for people who like to keep an open mind, and enjoy new perspective.

I grew up being told who God is, what he expects of me, what he wants me to do/not do, and the many conditions I needed to know/be in order to ‘return’ to him. I was even told not to call “him” God, but instead “Heavenly Father”. I was also told this is a circular journey of returning somewhere, not a never-ending one, where I keep moving forward.

We all at some point decide either to stick with who we were told God is, OR we come to a new conclusion, redefining “God”. I’m also referencing all the entities being worshiped, in all religions, not just the ones referred to by the three letter word: God.

I bet you think this post is going to be long…  Ha… It totally could be, but honestly, I find this subject a rather sacred one, so telling you who my God is -is not the point.
The point is to offer up some perspective.

I had a ‘What If’ thought.
What if:
Every person had a different God. What if my God had different values than your God, what if my God were a trillion years older than your God, what if “worshiping” is a low priority to my God, but not to yours.
What if all our Gods were created by the universe,
the universe created our planet,
and the universe gave our Gods permission to create us for this planet.
What if your God wants to sit back and let you believe there is no God?
What if this planet is a big ol’ science fair and one of the God’s is going to win a blue ribbon in the end?

Yes, I’m getting silly, (perspective can be like that) but, what if MY GOD is not YOUR GOD? Seriously….
Each of us could have a God that is solely our own. This is why I say Inner-G.

IF that were the case… there would be no point what-so-ever in telling anyone about your “religion”. In gathering together to enjoy the collective ego of “We have the truth”.
No point arguing over scripture, no judging people for not “following” rules. No religious arrogance, no guarantees, no collecting money from people to further the agenda’s religions have.

If I asked you who your God is, would you tell me immediately what you’ve been told all your life? OR would you like to take a couple weeks to familiarize yourself with who your Inner-G might be… how your God feels to your heart, and what happiness your God wants to share with you. I think getting to know YOUR GOD could actually take quite some time because first you need to learn to quiet all the years of noise telling you who your God is. That alone could take a while. Then, figuring out what feels positive/accurate/nice/comfortable about your Inner-G.

And yes, it sounds like I might be saying you DECIDE who your Inner-G is, cause maybe that’s true too!!

(I love Maybe’s and What IF’s)

I see my prayers get answered… I think the God assigned to me is proactive, which means I’m not an atheist. I also feel no need to assign a gender to my God, nor a son or a ghost… And I refuse to say “Heavenly Father” ever again. Basically I feel quite happy to say I know very little about my God other than IT wants me to learn and grow, It wants me to be happy/friendly/loving, often insisting I figure out stuff on my own, and when I ask for help; IT hears me.

I don’t think for a second that we mortals could possibly figure out who God is, what “he” wants, “his” plan, “his” agenda, “his” history, or current state. Just letting my mind explore what “God” might know, I feel that we haven’t ability to comprehend the enormity of any God. Which is kind of to say again: I am forced to decide who my God is.
I’ve decided my God wants me to enjoy this planet, explore, look at the sky, photograph flowers, laugh with friends… My god whispers to me, reminding me to see the positive things in life, to see the beauty in the people who cross my path.
And when I “pray”, I start with: “Dear Natalie’s God…”

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