Monday, July 8

Being Genuine …or not.

I have to admit… as much as I don’t want to look or feel old physically, getting older is awesome!
I am having the time of my life learning countless things. Maybe we all learn at a different pace based on our experiences, but when you reach a point that your learning (about anything/everything) speeds up dramatically, you suddenly love life.  I wouldn't go back 20 years for all the money in the world.

I hope that from this moment forward I never stop learning. That I continue having epiphanies; learning about people, learning who I am, and finding all of it interesting.

One of the things I’m seeing at this age is Genuineness. All around me people are showing me how genuine or unauthentic they are. The obviousness of it is amazing. Like suddenly some people have a purple head, and others a blue one... how this level of clarity is only finally reaching me I am not sure, but I will run with it.

I had a conversation with a friend today. As I hung up I felt like writing about it. The relationship I have with that friend is one of comfort. Neither of us have any reason to be uncomfortable when we speak. We don’t have to think of things to say, we don’t/won’t feel awkward or unauthentic with one another over anything. This Genuineness we share has everything to do with feeling secure and knowing the other person will not harm, will not judge, will not upset, will ONLY care and love.

This is what is missing from most relationships in life. Either we don’t know this can be the case, or people won’t allow it to be the case. I say won’t allow because they refuse to be safe… authentic… vulnerable… honest. All things that end up getting you to “genuine”.

If you find yourself NOT benefiting from genuine relationships, lock your ego in the cellar for a few minutes, and ask: Are YOU genuine? Are YOU preventing genuine relationships? If you think you might not be genuine, you are truly missing out…

So next (still with ego safe in the cellar) Ask yourself what you might need to change about you… what qualities could be stopping you from having genuine comfortable relationships with people? THEN…. If you are brave enough to just answer that question, consider whether or not you might be brave enough to Change. (Maybe keeping that ego locked in the cellar forever is the best way to start)

I truly believe that liking who you are, and being the person you want to be, with the qualities you can admire in yourself, is the first step in being genuine so you can enjoy genuine interaction and relationships.

If you do this, and others do it, imagine the incredible life that can be lead…. Truly, just imagine the pleasure you get out of your everyday interactions if we all do this.

Without meaning to create an example, I did something today, and after realized I should share it.
I sent this email via “contact us” on a blog I really enjoy.

I wrote:
“I know that nobody needs little ol’ me to say how wonderful they are...
But I'm aware, that appreciation is appreciated.

So I just want to say:
You're wonderful... I need people like "you" sharing this planet.
Grateful you are here, doing all the wonderful things you do....
Your work is Enjoyable and Beautiful and Meaningful!!!!
Much love and Respect to "you"... however many of you that is.”

I have reached a point in my life where I like me. I am genuine. I want to be happy, I want others to be happy, and in living like this, genuineness comes out of me…

Then… I affect others. I am sure, that my words to “contact us” need to be read by someone. There will never be too many kind words spoken, too much respect given, too much enjoyment voiced…

Correct me if you experience too much of these things in your life. I bet you don’t.

Be someone you like, interact with people you like; the genuineness is delicious.

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