Saturday, July 13

Good Enough.

It’s amazing how people use “good enough” and “not good enough” as terms that pertain to who we are.
The definitions of Enough are as follows:
Adjective: 1. adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire.
Pronoun: 2. an adequate quantity or number; sufficiency.
Adverb: 3. in quantity or degree that answers a purpose or satisfies a need or desire; sufficiently. 4.fully or quite ready enough.
Interjection: 5. Used to expression impatience or exasperation)

 So to be “good enough” or not… is to discuss or analyze weather or not someone is adequate or sufficient… Right?”

That’s why it’s so fascinating that there are people who despite their huge interpersonal qualities struggle to feel sufficient…

Someone in my life is not feeling good enough, and I want to reply with “No shit… you are way beyond good enough. No wonder you can’t relate to feeling “good enough”. What you are is beyond the word enough: you’re amazing, capable, loving, kind, open, and ALWAYS GROWING. Enough isn’t even the word we should use.

 “Enough for who?” What you likely don’t see as “enough” is NOT a standard set by every other person. You’ve created your own “good enough” standard, which might be why some people are still walking around not feeling their greatness, but finding flaws, repeating the stories of their faults…
And the truth is:
NOBODY will ever see you as you do. You are welcome to see yourself however you so choose, but based on what happens, when we meet people, we see they are who they are, we accept them as is, and “enough” doesn’t come into it.

I now see fighting over enough-ness as pointless. Stop deciding you don’t meet some imaginary standard. Throw out the word Enough as it pertains to people. Be incredible, be more than Enough. I hope you can lie in the beauty of it, basking in the sun rays not the imaginary moon beams.

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