Wednesday, August 14

Stand Up and Deal

I tend to notice patterns. I pick up on stuff, and when I keep picking up on things, and seeing patterns, I make connections.
Sometimes the connections create a thought that continues to arise at some point everyday. It even seems to suddenly apply to others around me, making me feel even surer we are all so much more connected than we realize.

A friend shared a saying on fb recently, which I then shared. Oddly, the whole saying will not stay in my head, just the last four words. The saying is about being strong. And being strong is what I aim to be in life. Because being strong means I have more growth, more happiness, more better... and more better is better!

I want to see everything in life in a way that doesn't hurt, doesn't bring down, and doesn't diminish me in any way. For most people that means lying to themselves. Coming up with plans of how to not feel any hurt, and telling themselves (and others) lies to accomplish that.

What I’m saying is I want the LEAST painful, but with the MOST clarity. I’m willing to actually look at my shit; where I’m weak, where I need to grow. THEN fix those weaknesses and deal with the shit.
I don't want be putting on blinders so I don’t see all the side stuff. I want the non-painful with the complete truth. I don't want to have to lie to myself about anything to get that. 

I’m finally at a place in life where I’m not so afraid, I’m not going to be destroyed by anything, and I’m going to continually “Stand Up and Deal”.