Saturday, August 3

Stop Look & Listen

The old adage I learned as a child to remind me to pay attention when crossing the street or train tracks, was good advice then, and still is now.

Only now, I use it for decision making.

One wouldn’t think we need to be reminded to STOP, but in the chaos of life, we very much do need to hear that. In order to stop look and listen, you have to first stop physically and mentally.

Once you’ve stopped, you give yourself the opportunity to LOOK. What you are looking at is what you have in front of you, what you have behind you, what you have learned, and what you may still learn. The key with looking is to be honest with yourself, see everything. Be sensible and don’t imagine things are not as they appear. Flat out look at it clearly as though you had perfect vision.

When you can see it, it’s imperative you LISTEN. This is the important bit.

What you are listening to is NOT the noise and doubt you hear most of the time. What you are listening for is the sensation of what is good for you. This often comes in the form of physical comfort. Then the listening can take you to a decision. Listening isn’t done by your mind to your mind. It’s done by your heart to your whole being. This is what will make you comfortable so you can be clear on what to do.

If you are struggling, try to “stop look & listen”. You might get some great clarity to help you with a decision or two.

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