Wednesday, September 18


This is a great word, (outside) it is used for so many things that benefit me and bring me happiness.
Here I sit outside; there is a breeze, birds are chirping, sun is shining on the side of my face, and the few hairs blowing in front of my eyes are like constant reminders I am alive and I get to enjoy the beauty of life.

This is a time of year when the discomfort of summer heat has subsided, and the appearance of rain has me wanting to snatch those moments of perfect temperature and enjoy them while they are here. Winter comes too fast, and I get cold easily, so this is like those precious moments in a sunset when the colors are their brightest, but last for only about a minute. You have to be present and watch it for the few moments it’s there… appreciating the real beauty, even if it is fleeting. (Sometimes even taking pictures of that fleeting beauty stops me from getting to enjoy it ‘for real’.)
Which is why being outside with the breeze and birdsong is so great, I can’t capture it, I can ONLY enjoy it.

The shadow of the tree near me keeps moving in the breeze, and as the sun changes position in the sky, it requires me to keep changing where I’m at if I want to maintain this perfect sunshine and temp.

Many of us have experienced what we call doing something “Outside the box”. By taking your mind out of the still air ‘inside’ and into the breeze, you open up an opportunity to see something new, feel something new, and hear something new. The people who never want anything new are not the people I write my blog for, so I’m going to go ahead and assume you enjoy new, and thinking outside the box has been a fun experience for you too. If I’ve lived numerous lives, the life I’m living this time is one of perspective. Having an open mind, going “outside” and considering that there is endless land to explore, endless terrain; (green, lush, desolate, dry), and I need never box myself in. (religious/political beliefs could easily go here as examples)

I am also experiencing ‘outside’ in a different mental sense. Lately I have been noticing that I have been an observer of my own life. Living inside and outside of me at the same time. Which possibly makes no sense, but it’s what I’m feeling, and in experiencing that, I feel a little fascinated by this kind of learning. If nothing else I’m analyzing, and even just doing that helps me learn.

There is no turning back. I’m going to remain outside as often as possible. I need my hair to blow across my face continually telling me I’m alive, I need to consider possibilities that don’t exist ‘inside’. And I want to observe while living.

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