Thursday, December 12

Gossip & BS are the same.

(I'm totally convinced December is the shortest month of the year. Fully. Completely & Utterly. It's already 12-12, and I swear it was only two weeks ago since it was 11-11.)

I realized something today. I could/should have realized it long ago, but I think we are so brainwashed to some things not mattering, or being 'the norm' we don't notice, so we can't realize.

I was in the grocery store, walking up to the check out, and I glance to my left at all the magazines and Gossip rags they have there. I read some of the headlines, compared them to the celebrity expressions they accompanied, and I found myself saying: there are actually people _____ enough to find that interesting and worth spending money on.  I'm not trying to pass judgement, I'm just saying it finally occurred to me what Gossip is.

The images on these magazines were all upset faces and headlines that fit the expressions. Nothing good, nothing happy, nothing uplifting or cheery, just complaining, fighting, whining, negativity and upset. Nothing we put on our Christmas lists, nothing we say we want to grow up to have, nothing we enjoy, and yet, clearly people must be buying these magazines, because they keep printing them.

What occurred to me about gossip, is that it's got 3 faces to it. It can be true or false or a half true, doesn't matter, they are still the same. The idea of gossip is repeating the bad. Bad circumstance, bad choice, bad anything. The "truth" isn't even important with gossip. The repeating someone's BS is the real goal, not getting your facts right.

If someone has bad things happening in their life, choosing to repeat the bad is choosing to gossip because of the nature of what you are saying. So when the story IS true, repeating it is still your opportunity to swim in someone else's BS. That is all these magazines are doing.

No wonder I have no interest in gossip.

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