Tuesday, December 3

Feelings vs. Thoughts

Why thoughts always win, but feelings are the champions.

I’m going to try and find words to explain this “thing” that happens, maybe we all do it, and I think it would be great if we could master not doing it.

Ever have a feeling to do something, you don’t do it, you talk yourself out of doing it, and then later realize: I should have done that! This happens to me often.

One example: I was in Romania, leaving my apartment in Calarasi, locking my door, and I suddenly had a feeling to take my toothbrush with me. I was headed to Bucharest for the day, taking the train, I wouldn’t need my toothbrush, and my thoughts talked me out of heeding the feeling, So I did.

Guess what? I ended up stuck in Bucharest that night, and found myself wishing so bad I had my toothbrush. (clean teeth is important to me) No, not having a toothbrush wasn't the end of the world, and it wasn't some lightning bold advice that I was kicking myself over later. It just simply would have been great to be able to clean my teeth.

My feelings somehow knew I would want my toothbrush, and yet I let my thoughts that don’t know everything talk me out of listening to my feelings; regrettably.

This same thing happened today on a smaller scale. I was using the earphones for my cell phone on my tablet, and as I was about to leave the house I had a feeling to unplug my earphones and take them with me. My thoughts said: I will no way need my earphones at work, don’t bother taking them. So I ignored the feeling and listened to the thought.

Well, I didn’t need my earphones while I was working, but I did end up needing them AFTER work, and I didn’t have them! 

Often I have a feeling and I let my thoughts talk me out of it.

I’m a pretty sensible person, so I always let my sensibleness mean more than my feelings, and without fail I am learning that my feelings are SMARTER. I should listen to THEM!

And ya, today it was only headphones, and usually it's something small, but in learning to listen to the feelings and not let my thoughts take over, I will likely one day be so very glad I mastered quieting the thoughts and heeding the feelings.

The reason I write this is because I believe we allow our thoughts to dictate -when we should be allowing our feelings to be in charge…

Feelings and thoughts are so similar it’s learning to distinguish between the two that’s tricky. So my guide is: feelings tend to come first, like a present just being handed to me. Thoughts tend to try and convince me to see it differently, like that present is really a bomb, and I shouldn't open it because A. I don’t want to be blown up. And B. You never know what could be in a bomb.
Both good points really. Sensible stuff. Possibly worth listening to. So the feeling; being the present doesn't defend itself. It just exists as a present. The other is literally full of thoughts and reasons.

This is currently my only distinguishable tool. If you have a better way, please share!

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