Wednesday, February 19

Feel Good Flash Cards

I had this silly-really-good-idea, and it's based on my terrible memory. When I feel sad or I'm in pain, my memory worsens. I was reminded of this when I started having a stiff neck again, and since I don't take pain killers (unless I have to), I was treating it with the usual hot showers and Salonpas patches. Then a friend reminded me she gave me a natural oil roll-on for muscle pain. Doh!! I was letting my discomfort be so big I was concentrating on it and forgetting I had methods of dealing with it at my disposal.

We do this with Sadness too. when we are sad, we think of the why, we don't think of the remedies at our disposal. So... What if I just have to remember I have ONE remedy, and that ONE remedy has numerous methods of dealing with the pain or sadness?

Simple right?

This is why the idea I've had is silly, it's like being a child. Requiring a tool to go to despite believing I'm an adult and don't need childish tools; like flash cards!

So,  Feel Good Flash Cards! I can look through them for an idea, or pull one out randomly.

I think I need to give examples, that would be far better than saying "do it". I will write down my examples, and you can relate to them, making your own, and understand what I mean.

Each card has written on it in short form, or long, something you know that makes you feel good.

A hot drink: cup of Dandelion Caramel Nut coffee.
Music: Once Upon Another Time, Sara Bareilles
Hot Shower: Long
Foot Rub: with Sandalwood oil
Taking Photos: Go to the farmers path at dusk!
Aven's roll-on vanilla/eucalyptus oil
Finishing a project I've started.
Painting: something to hang on the wall
Talking to Big Man
Writing a Thank you card
Wrapping up in a soft blanket
Animals: Pet an animal and make them feel good.
Friends: Call someone who always wants to hear my voice. Call someone who always lifts me up.
Sitting in my recliner with a book and a coffee
Changing my sheets, making my bed and putting the pillows all on it
A hug from that friend who really knows how to hug: an energy giver.

The number of cards is endless. You can add to your deck constantly as more things enter your mind. In fact, use an actual deck of cards; writing over them with a black marker. Some cards will get used more than others, looking tattered, but let those be your aces, the ones you rely on... the superhero cards of your deck.

Then when you are sad or hurting, just remember to go to your deck, you don't have to remember all the cards in it, just start looking through it.

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  1. Love reading all this! Awesome blog! I want some feel good flash cards! When I have a hard day and I finally lay down to sleep, my hubby tells me where to go in my dreams - my happy places. So feel good flash cards and happy places!