Friday, February 14

Follow Your Heart.

Years ago I found myself in a conversation where I was over my head. I was the youngest, the least opinionated, and the least educated (on most subjects), but specifically the one that was being discussed.
I found myself without an opinion because I had not been told what I was supposed to believe. (I was 19) During the conversation I had the thought: If I don’t know what I’m supposed to think, I should ask “What feels right to me?” and in doing so, I had the sensation of needing to put my hand on my chest, and ask myself to “feel” the answer to the question. Which could also be worded: “What does my heart say?”  Instinctively I feel that there are answers living inside my heart, and all I have to do is ask and then feel. That thinking entity inside my head knows that the feeling entity inside my chest is the one in charge. The smarter of the two, and the one with better answers is not the one in my head.

I know I’ve talked about this before; this listening to yourself, but the key to following your heart is to listen to the feelings and not the thoughts. The difference being the origination of them. My head will try to talk my heart out of anything. My heart won’t defend itself with words. My heart won’t insist on being heard, nor insist on being attention getting.

I also believe this comes through us all being connected. There is a higher intelligence we are all part of. We don’t think or act like we are, but we are… and if you listen to your heart more, follow what it’s saying, you will find levels of ease and success in life you have never found before.

I don’t often include a video with a post, but I discovered this today (Valentines Day) and I feel like the overall message of this would totally go hand in hand with what I have to say about following your heart and the theme of Love.

Be good to one another… (I love you)

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