Monday, March 17

Criticizing. What is the point of it again?

I sometimes worry about our species as intellectuals when we struggle terribly to see the most obvious of things. We have the ability to grasp such complexities as String Theory, or Quantum Mechanics, and yet, we don’t have the ability to see how bloody well pointless it is to criticize. 

And I don’t just mean criticizing others… I mean criticizing ourselves.  (It’s pointless to criticize others too!) The levels at which we criticize ourselves can run far deeper and meaner than when we are criticizing others. “Don’t be so hard on yourself” is what we all tell one another, but this is what each of us totally ignores as advice inside our head. Instead we say, “I need to be excessively hard on myself”.

And I ask WHY?

I am finally at a place in life that I’m doing pretty good seeing I’m totally flawed. I’m trying to learn and be less flawed, but I also have finally accepted that I won’t reach perfect! I don’t have to be perfect, and I like who I am, flaws and all! I’m totally ok with not knowing some big words, I’m ok with my lack of skills for things I wish I could do, I’m ok with so many ‘failings’, EVEN THO they are things I am still trying to do better on, get better at, and be better with.  I acknowledge that criticism of myself IS NOT how I attain the level I strive for -where I no longer have reasons to criticize myself. How I attain that level of Non-Criticism is to Just STOP Criticizing! 

It’s that easy?
Ya, it fucking is that easy. 

Realize you get no benefit in the put downs, in the not good enough’s, in the being so hard on yourself. And if you get no benefit from doing it, why the hell are you anyway?  You can understand string theory but you can’t understand this?  No, I think you can understand this, we just love to pick on ourselves and feel bad, because we are afraid of liking who we are and thinking we are Fucking Cool People.

Lets quit it. Lets believe we are fucking cool, and skip along with that in our hands, leaving criticism behind in our dust.

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