Tuesday, June 10

What not to Wear

What not to think, what not to say to yourself, what not to resist, what not to give up on.

A couple years ago I got rid of my tv. Before that, I watched a number of shows religiously, and one of those was What Not to Wear with Stacy and Clinton.  Some people will roll their eyes simply by my saying that, but let me explain.

For me that show was never about fashion or trend. Not about the cut of a pant leg, the shoes that work best with what length of skirt, layering, accessorizing, or how to wear your eye shadow.

Artwork by Gabrielle
Instead, that show was about what happens to a woman who doesn’t see herself as beautiful, and doesn’t try to feel beautiful anymore. Most of the time the story about her says she got too busy with children or career, and at some point she gave up caring about all the elements that equate to appearance.

Often these women let their self esteem slack and slide along with the not caring. Then when they were asked about how they saw themselves, it became evident they needed some perspective help. The perspective bit on the show always starts with the 360 mirrors. These mirrors are so we can not only see what they are wearing, but hear them talk about how they see themselves and the clothes they put on. Sometimes this is one of the most shocking parts of the show.
(If you are familiar with it, no doubt it’s coming back to you.)

Then we always move on to the part where they have been brought to the studio in New York to put on their clothes they want to keep, while being shown why these clothes don’t look good on them. Then they get shown examples on maniquins of the types of outfits that would look good on them. It is here that there is often upset. Women always have reasons for why they see themselves the way they do. When these reasons (perspective) get challenged, and disagreed with, swallowing the new ideas about their looks, and taking on new perspective is hard.

So hard in fact, that when they set out shopping on their own, many women ignore the rules they should go by, and buy more of the clothes that they were told look bad on them.

Now I jump to the end of the show.

The new hair cut and color gets explained, along with the makeup application for their face shape. And at this point, they get to see themselves with a change from the neck up.

I have to admit, that every single time a woman sat in that chair and cried at what she was seeing in the mirror, I cried too.

The power in liking yourself more, for any reason, is real power. Its power that opens doors, creates ideas, builds confidence, and totally increases self love. And increasing self love is one of the most amazing things that can happen in life. Of course I’m going to cry!

Then they don’t get to use a mirror as they get dressed in new clothes, and have to go face Stacy and Clinton with new hair, face, and clothes all in place. Then what happens is they see themselves complete for the first time, while hearing how they are seen by the two fashion experts.

Again, if tears fall in the joy of self love, I too will be crying. Self Perception is one of the most amazing things in the world. It’s one of the most beneficial, and one of the most harmful. How we see ourselves dictates how we live our lives, how we interact with people, and quite literally –who we become.

I don’t care how old you are, you are still growing, and still becoming you. Which for some means cementing the opening to the mind further shut, and for others it is expanding the mind by making the opening bigger and letting more stuff in.

Really, What not to Wear, could also accurately be titled, What not to Think.

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