Thursday, October 23

Living in a Bubble, and it’s a good thing…

The world we live in could be seen as a box. This box is dominated and run by money, corruption, politics, war, disease, poverty and all the awful stuff you can think of. This is where we live, with no ability to exit.

Inside this box, each of us has the power to create a bubble if we want to. A bubble that not only protects us from that harsh box, but allows us to be a unique individual floating around in the awfulness; sheltered and somewhat in a world of our own. We also get the added benefit of seeing things with that colorful bubbly sheen. We still have the ability to see through the bubble, interacting with the box as necessary, spending money, paying taxes, living with corruption, all the cruddy stuff, but with less of the mental turmoil. The sharp edges don’t hurt, and everything looks a little iridescent.

Those living in the box not wanting to create bubbles are sitting on the sharp edges without protection, without hope, without the added benefits that come by choosing to create a bubble for themselves. In addition to the general yuk of the box, people without bubbles have to come in contact with one another, and be directly affected. Without bubbles, those bubble-less individuals have to live lives according to others because they have no bubble to dictate otherwise. No cushion, no saving grace, no shield, and no ability to float away and off the harsh surface. This is particularly uncomfortable for us if the bubble-less individuals are a forceful spouse or a problematic child. When family members don’t have bubbles, it’s very easy to struggle with having our own bubble.

The people most able to create and keep bubbles are single individuals. These people don’t have to deal with someone else, they don’t have to take kids into consideration, and what their bubble is based on -is their call. No partner dictating what they do, no husband or wife constantly complaining… and the reason single individuals are the most successful at creating bubbles, is that bubbles are only created individually. There are no two-man bubbles, because we are individuals, only in charge of ourselves. We can’t make decisions for others, we can’t dictate beliefs, happiness, actions, or anything for anyone but ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that people who aren’t single, can’t keep a bubble of their own, they can. But often it comes at the sad realization of it being necessary because the partner or spouse becomes too painful to deal with, when we have no bubble. Which brings me to the point that sometimes when we feel the need to create this bubble, people don’t like it, and they try to bust it. They'd rather we sit on the harsh crowded surface with them. We literally start creating a world for ourselves where we choose how we see things, and others can become very NOT ok with that. They use any means to try and pop it, wanting you to live without a bubble like them.

This all sounds just a little bit like craziness if you aren’t used to me and the way I try to explain thoughts through visual examples. Really, how should I explain the fact that we each decide our lives? We choose how we view things, how we interact with things, and how we are (or can be) in total control of our own happiness? (or lack there of) We decide how much worry we live with, how much pressure we have, how little pleasure we enjoy.

From inside my bubble, I am deciding who my “god” is, who I want to become, how I want to view my life, what I aim to achieve, and really… really… who I want in my life. I know this sounds like a crazy concept, but I just can’t wrap my head around other people being in charge of my life, my time, my happiness, and my PERSPECTIVE.

That’s pretty much it. I decide everything. So do you. Who knew we were so in charge?

Well, we are now.

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