Sunday, September 13

Laughter is the best medicine.

Medicine is what you take when you aren’t well. If you laugh when you aren’t well and it makes you better, what happens if you laugh when you are great?

Laughter is not just the best medicine, Laughter is everything!

Especially that kind of laughter when your eyes are watering, you run out of breath, and the ability to talk becomes the one thing you want to do, and completely can’t. It’s usually at this point that you think of ONE MORE thing to say, that would make the funny thing even funnier, but your laughter gets in the way of your funny, and you nearly lose the ability to breathe let alone speak.

Sometimes when I’m laughing this hard the sound of my laugh totally changes and goes deep like a man’s laugh. Then THAT makes me laugh… Having any reason to laugh harder or even for a new reason carries the laughter into 20 minutes more. Then my face hurts, my stomach hurts, and it might just be the pain that has me finally giving in to something that resembles only giggles.

One of my favorite people in the world is someone I laugh with most. Ya, she’s one of those people. We regularly end our laughing with that trying to breathe-again-voice, saying “ahh… I love you.” She and I have been talking about laughing lately, and saying “I love laughing” so often that it’s on our radar.

We were talking about hanging out with friends, those we get together with, and how we define fun versus a good time. You can have a good time most of the time, but when you end up with lots of laughter, you end up saying something like “That was so fun!”. Which makes sense because fun is part of funny. When something is funny you laugh, when you laugh you have a good time, the funnier the good time the more you call it fun.

It’s interesting to look at the people we have a good time with vs the people we have fun with. Do this with me… Think of your funnest times lately… are those the ones where you were laughing? Are the people you are/were with the ones that laugh the most? Think of the people who make you laugh. Think of the people who don’t make you laugh. Are you spending the most time with the people who encourage laughter?

If you aren’t, I’m surprised. If you aren’t does this thought of fun and laughter make you want to spend time with those people? Maybe I’m a different breed, and not everybody likes laughing as much as I do. But that also makes me think about the fact I want to spend time with the people I relate to, it tells me who to prioritize, it reminds me I have a choice in who I give my energy to. I regularly find my mind going to my beautiful laughing friend when I find myself wanting “fun”. She is one of those people, and so am I. 

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  1. I believe in this concept. I also remember having many of these fun funny days with you.
    It's not a good laugh until someone snorts. ;)