Wednesday, January 8

A note to Mr Chesney

Dear Kenny,
It’s snowing outside; has been all day. Yesterday was a shade of gray that could steal the sparkle from diamonds. I’m already so good for Winter to be over, I have my swim suits moved up to the top drawer of my dresser.

This afternoon I’ve been working on some sewing I need to finish while listening to “Peace is the way” by Deepak Chopra. (an amazing book) As disk 5 finished I decided I might like a change from spoken words to music considering the gray-blah of the day was winning-out over optimism the sun will eventually return.

I went to my CD collection and wanted something I knew guarantees smiles irrespective of oppressing winter cruddiness.
Mr. Chesney it would be!
I pulled out 5 cd’s and nearly headed to the player with all of them when I decided to be rational since I can’t listen to any of your CD’s only once. I may as well only choose one CD since it would be listened to endlessly for the rest of the day.
I chose The Road & the Radio. Which is why I write you this note. It’s been a few new favorite Kenny CD’s since I listened to that one, and I was reminded of a few things.

I love singing with you, -more so than any singer.
I love that album.
You speak to the smiles in me.

As Deepak Chopra says: “Your intention shapes reality.” So I need you to know of my joy for you. Your music lifts me 100% of the time. And in a world with plenty to complain about it’s vital for ME to let you know:
“…baby you save me.”

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