Wednesday, January 22

Lives (plural)

Lets just imagine for a minute that Reincarnation is a huge part of our existence. That it’s part of this spirit/energy I call Me; continuing to live in a physical state so I can take part in “life”, forever growing and learning.

What if there are so many countless things to learn that we couldn’t possibly learn them all in one lifetime?

There are now 8 billion people on this planet. What if that were an indicator of how many things we can learn?  8 billion things. From tying shoelaces, to building spiral staircases.

One of the things we have the capacity to do, and continue doing, is proven in every piece of technology around us; which is the ability to learn. We never stop learning, improving, gaining, becoming better. Since this is the case, I have to wonder how would I only get one life? And if I do, how will I know ENOUGH at the end of it? If there are 8 billion things to learn, and in one lifetime I can manage to get 2 million things learned, what about the 7,998,000,000 things I didn’t learn? Is 2 million enough? Enough to benefit me in the next place? And there clearly is a next place because Energy does not disappear. The energy inside this body, pumping the blood, making me think, giving me the ability to move my fingers and type words, THAT energy doesn’t just suddenly NOT exist when it stops making my body work. So, why wouldn’t it move to another physical body? I reckon it’s totally possible it does.

I’m not saying I know if we move from human to animal, then back again, or if we stay human life after life, I have no idea. I am saying that it seems learning is a big part of existing. And that being the case, it just stands to reason there is more to learn than you can accomplish in one life time. Not only that, the circumstances of each lifetime for each of us can be so varied we couldn’t possibly learn the same things as another person. We couldn’t possibly all die having learned the same life lessons. 

For example: a white woman born and raised in Carmel CA dying at the age of 70 will not have learned the same things as a black woman born and raised in Brooklyn NY dying at the age of 35. Those are two very different people having learned countless different things throughout life. Compare those two to a woman in Turkey who is regularly beaten by her husband who she married at 16, or a woman living in a remote village in Iceland without telephones, television, or internet.  You see where I’m going with this surely.

Are we to assume that however short a life, or however long, each person has learned all they were supposed to learn?
I don’t believe that’s possible. It just plain doesn’t resonate as true to me. There’s just toooo much to learn. So I find myself leaning toward Reincarnation. We seem to be a species of intelligence. (Often not so intelligent, but a species of thinkers.) There seems to be plenty to suggest that WHO we are doesn’t disappear. It continues existing. Maybe we even spend some of “life” existing as a planet floating through space. Who knows, maybe there is many forms we will experience, and maybe we come back to “human” off and on throughout eternity. (I love what if’s)

Here’s what I do know. There seems to be some elements of knowledge inside me that I don’t know where they came from. I think it’s more than likely I’ve done this human thing before. A few unspoken pieces of knowledge seem to exist in my head, and I don’t know how they got there.
So for now… today… I believe I’m living one of many lives.

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