Thursday, July 24

Bangs & Pops

I’m supposed to start work in less than 6 hours, and the thing stopping me from sleep is the continual fireworks outside on this state holiday.

When the bangs and pops started I was at a friends house, and the children outside ran screaming to stand where they could see the bright sparks in the sky.

On the other side of the planet, also this month, people are listening to the exact sounds and bangs, children there are screaming too, but not in excitement. The difference is here the sounds are harmless and full of color, and there, each bang is harmful and full of murder.

In the most densely populated place on the planet, walled in with nowhere to go, people are being attacked. They are attacked on a regular basis, but the world is so used to hearing about it that the continual deaths from bombs and artillery are something “westerners” ignore.

I lay here wondering what it would feel like for each pop and bang outside to be coming in contact with homes and apartments. We would be freaking out. We’d be freaking out even more if we had no military, no defense, and our children were dying in the attacks. “Will my family be hit next?” would be the overwhelming fear every second.

I have many friends sharing images from the other side of the world, some who live there, and some who like me just have friends there. They don’t live in anything remotely close to free or peaceful. Which is essentially what all the fireworks outside my house ARE about.

For one country to occupy another, and for the occupier to be murdering the occupied, free countries such as the one we live in should not be standing holding hands and supplying money and arms to the murders. And yet, this is precisely what “we” are doing.

The reality is we are not educated in the awfulness, we don’t go out of our way to learn about the abhorrent situation, and the abhorrent ways of these “occupiers”.

I don’t even have to name the countries, and you likely already know who I speak of. If you don’t, you could take information I’ve said here, search it, and you would land right in the thick of what I’m speaking about.

I’m now going to say the only thing I can, in my hope for change.

Pray for the weakness of evil, and the Strength of Goodness.
There is no picture for this post, I've seen too many images that don't bear sharing, and an image shouldn't make you care more.


  1. It's an excuse for mass murder and human cleansing. It's heartbreaking to watch. All we can do is continually voice our disgust and keep the topic on the table to highlight it.

  2. I agree Ali, I feel so powerless in action, but powerful in spirit. I'm going to keep sending the energy I have to them.