Tuesday, July 29

What’s up with sharing?

You go to a restaurant, you order an appetizer, it arrives and tastes like heaven. You are freaking out over the amazingness of your dish, and what is it you want to do next? You want to SHARE!
”Taste this! Can you believe how smooth and creamy? Have more!”
Whenever something is wonderful to us, we want to share it.

I feel this with sunsets, with laughing, with a good movie, with MUSIC!! I feel a desire to share lovely and beautiful things to the extent that when I don’t have anyone to share with, it’s like the thing, isn’t real. 

If I have nobody to also taste, hear, see or smell this great thing, it kinda becomes less real. Now I’m not saying it isn’t real… what I’m saying is how much MORE REAL the thing is when you have someone to also taste, hear, see or smell that lovely thing too… you get to look at one another and nod, smiling, and then be exuberant WITH. Those parts make it feel more real, more amazing, more fun, and a life without anyone to share it… is less.

We have all experienced it with fb. People share everything, yes often out of a need for validation, (which isn’t a bad thing), but mainly out of a desire to not just experrience the thing alone.

I had a hummingbird fly into my back window, the 1 hour ordeal of waking him up, holding him and stroking him back to life was such an interesting experience for me, I wanted to share it with those I knew on fb…  AND when others share their cool things with me, I get to have MY life enlightened by them!

I know this isn’t really going anywhere, but I just wanted to SHARE, that I see the importance in SHARING, and I love having someone to share WITH!

Love, peace, and joy to you. 

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