Thursday, July 31

“I’m Ready!” “No, you aren’t”

Don’t confuse being ready with wanting to be ready. It’s one thing to be standing at the starting line about to run the race, and it’s quite another to be at home having just decided you want to run a race.

Saying you’re ready doesn’t make you ready, even if you say it over and over.

Sitting on a couch saying “I’m ready to run” when you haven’t even purchased proper shoes doesn’t make you ready. It doesn’t matter how much you believe it. The actions you take after the decision are what make you ready.

Sometimes the action is just getting off your ass, depending on what you are feeling ready to do, but until you actually act on being ready, you are only still wanting to be ready.

It might sound like I’m saying, much preparation is required in being ready for something… No, not necessarily. Depends on what you are wanting to do. If you want to climb Everest, you have a lot of preparation. If you want to be learning something so you can use it in life, you only have to open a book. What you need to remember if your goal is to learn something, getting the book is one thing, OPENING the book and reading it is another. Once you’ve read it, you are ready to use it.

Many of us want to run the race and want to be ready for the race, so lets get some shoes, lets get some miles in… lets do more than just want!

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